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Mediomics LLC Receives Phase II SBIR Contract: Awarded $997,251 to Develop New In-Process Analyzer for Biologics.
October, 2012
Mediomics LLC Receives Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Project Award.
November 08, 2010
Mediomics LLC Awarded Phase II Grant from NIH: Receives more than $1M for Rapid Homogenous Protein Assay Platform Development.
July 27, 2010

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Bridge_it® assay  
cAMP all in one assay kit cAMP designer assay kit
Tryptophan assay kit S-Adenosyl Methionine assay kit
cAMP PDE assay kit L-Methionine assay kit
PincerTM assay  
Human IgG pincer assay kit Human IgG TRF-pincer assay kit
Human Insulin pincer assay kit Human Insulin TRF-pincer assay kit
Human Albumin pincer assay kit Human Albumin TRF-pincer assay kit
hCRP pincer assay kit Biotin pincer assay kit
Rabbit IgG pincer assay kit Mouse IgG TRF-pincer assay kit
E.coli O 157: H7 TRF-Pincer assay kit Mouse IgM TRF-pincer assay kit
Human MetAP1 protein Human MetAP2 protein
  Anti-hMetAP2 antibody




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